Outdoor Equipment

The Library lends Outdoor Equipment for 3 days at a time. Snowshoes, Nordic Walking Poles, Binoculars and GPS units are available on a first come, first served basis. Petawawa residents must present a valid Petawawa Public Library card.


Pair of snowshoes
  • 17″ for users up to 80 lbs
  • 20″ for users up to 100 lbs
  • 22″ for users up to 140 lbs
  • 25″ for users up to 165 lbs
  • 30″ for users up to 220 lbs

Nordic Walking Poles

Set of Nordic Walking Poles
Nordic Walking Poles
  • Adjustable
  • Different tips available depending on the season/terrain


Toy owl sits in bush with a pair of binoculars around his neck.
Dr. Whoot waits for something interesting to spy
  • Handy carrying case included

GPS Units

Two GPS units
Dr Whoot checks out the GPS units before his next geocaching adventure!
  • Handy carrying case included