Printing, Faxing & Scanning

Printing, Faxing & Scanning

For a fee, the Petawawa Public Library can help with these practical services.


  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ (letter): 25 cents per sheet, single sided (black ink)
  • 8 1/2″ x 14″ (legal): 35 cents per sheet, single sided (black ink)
  • 11″ X 17″: 50 cents per sheet, single sided (black ink)
  • Colour printing and double sided printing cost more. Please check with library staff.
  • Special rates are available for students for school related copying. Please ask us.

Be Aware of Copying Restrictions

Please note that there are limits to the amount of a work that may be legally photocopied. There are also restrictions to the types of material that may be reproduced. For example, we are not permitted to photocopy any sheet music at the library. Check at the library for more details.


  • Message sent to a local number, toll-free number and incoming faxes:
    $1.00 first page, 50 cents for each subsequent page.
  • Long distance faxes within North America:
    $1.50 first page, 75 cents for each subsequent page.
  • Overseas message rates will be calculated according to the destination.

If you plan to receive a FAX at the library, please remember to advise the sender to include your name and contact information on the cover page. This way we can let you know as soon as it arrives.


  • 10 cents per page scanned to your email address or your memory stick.

We accept payment for Printing, Scanning and Fax services in cash only.

For information on emailing your print job to us, contact us at 613-687-2227 ext. 0.

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