TD Summer Reading Club

TD Summer Reading Club –
Launching Saturday June 17, 2023

TD Summer Reading Club 2023. Reading fun for kids, from Canada's public libraries.
Du plaisir pour les enfants dans les bibliotheques publiques du Canada.

For information on Summer Programs/Activities at the Library check out our Programs for Kids page. Contact Haley by email or call 613-687-2227 ext. 2203 with any questions.

TD Summer Reading Club 2023 Reading Challange: Check This Out

Do you like cool stuff, amazing facts and mysterious fiction? What makes you curious and creative? Explore your neighbourhood, library and the world around you.

Discover mysterious, bizarre and intriguing stories gathered from near and far and from our imaginations. What extraordinary treasures will you collect to remember your epic adventures this summer?

About the program

The goal of the TDSRC is to encourage continued literacy development over the summer to ensure that children are less likely to struggle when they return to school. The TDSRC is designed with flexibility in mind. While we provide a list of recommended reads for kids to explore, we encourage them to choose their own books and have fun reading whatever they want.

Register your child by stopping in at the library and don’t forget to pick up their swag bag which will include a notebook and a web access code sticker to give them online acces to the TD Summer Reading Website.

Tracking reading

We encourage kids to track their reading (including audiobooks) to be entered into a change to win some amazing and fun prizes!

To track reading pick up your bookmark at the Library. For every 30 minutes of reading, colour in a single book. When all the books are coloured in, fill out your ballot on the other side and bring it to the front desk for your name to be put into a draw for a chance to win a prize.

Reporting on reading

Research shows that children who engage in conversations with adults have better language and cognitive skills. As a parent, consider book reporting as a fun way to start a conversation with kids about what they’ve read. It’s a great opportunity to get to know and learn about their reading interests.

We’ve provided you with sample book report questions that you can use with kids to report on their reading. Children can use As an alternative to writing a book report we suggest using an illustrated book report as a fun and engaging way to share their favourite part in a book.

Reading Buddies

Need some help with your relucant or struggling reader? Why not try reading buddies? Sometimes children learn better in a different but comfortable enviroment outside of the home. During this one-on-one program our Summer Student Jack will take time to learn about your childs’ interents and level of reading. Together they will sit down in a cozy reading area and pactice literacy skills by reading to one another. This is a great opportunity to develop the linguistic and congnative development connections as they practice sounding out words and reading skills.

The TDSRC kids’ website

As in past years, kids will be able to register and participate online through the TDSRC website, which will launch on June 12, 2023. The website will allow kids to do the following:

  • Create an online notebook
    Kids can use the web access code that they received at the library to create their own online notebook.
  • Personalize
    The online notebook with a nickname and avatar, and the notebook will store any contributions that kids make to other parts of our website, such as jokes and stories.
  • Read e-books
    Free e-books for all ages and interests, in both English and French. Once kids set up their online notebook, they can access the e-books at any time over the summer—no waiting lists or restrictions!
  • Vote in the Battle of the Books
    This is an all-Canadian, eight-book tournament in which two books battle for top choice each week. All of the books are available as e-books. At the end of the summer, one book will be crowned as the summer’s champion.
  • Review books
    Kids can share what they think about the books that they have read for other kids to see.
  • View author/illustrator readings and workshops
    Kids will be able to access online readings and workshops through the kids’ site.
  • Print colouring sheets
    Colouring sheets, designed by our 2023 artist Nahid Kazemi, range from simple to advanced, for parents and caregivers to print out for kids of all ages.

Ballot Entry Details

Image of possible prizes to be won from Summer Reading Challange.
Prizes to possibly win from the TD Summer Reading Club.

Prize 1: Floor Hockey Game
Prize 2: Soap Lab
Prize 3: Light up Terrarium Kit
Prize 4: Walkie Talkies
Prize 5: Print Camera
Prize 6: Solar Robot
Prize 7: Dinosaur Activity Book